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“Building new worlds, one word at a time”



Educated British and American speakers will often confuse foreign speakers with complex language and cultural references. OWAD builds your English wordpower in a fast and entertaining way.

A daily word-quiz tests recognition of high-level vocabulary and provides etymological and usage hints to help you remember and use new phrases in everyday life.

An easy-review feature lets you refresh and consolidate your memory by recently learnt items.


NEW WORDS are continuingly entering English to describe social, political, technical, and business developments, other useful phrases will enhance your messages with COLOUR and EMOTION.

Many English words and phrases are already well known to most German speakers, so I’m scanning TV and film, press and social media for new additions to the language, or useful IDIOMS and METAPHORS.

OWAD readers also send me interesting word suggestions, some even with false definitions for the daily quiz


“Keep it simple” is sound advice with weaker speakers, but if you are engaging with the UK or US you’ll need to both understand and push-back with subtlety SUBTLETY and POLITENESS.


Sometimes we win, sometimes we learn!” is a great credo for fearless guessing. With OWAD’s daily quiz, I try really hard to trick you. You’ll either have the satisfaction of a correct guess, or the learning effect of a wrong one. Peek at the OWAD site each day to see how many readers I managed to trick.

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